Gang Signs

Most gangs use hand signs to identify their gang and as a form of communication.

Hand signs are also used to "flash" a warning or a threat to rival gangs.

Some gangs have elaborate hand and body signals, so advanced, that they can have complete conversations without saying a word.

These signs are frequently used when they don't want others to know what they are about to do. Gang knowledge is very fluent in nature.

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Gang Graffiti

dog paw mark

Gang Identifiers: Blood gang symbols include but are not limited to the following: a Five-point star (symbolizing the Bloods affiliation with People Nation), "PIRU" (L.A. street name), "DAMU" (Swahili for Blood), "CK" (Crip killer) and various numbers representing Blood street sets. The Bloods primary choice of color is red. Blood members also wear sports apparel such as Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Forty-Niners. According to the Federal Gang Task Force in Long Island, New York, East Coast Blood identifiers may include graffiti such as "031" (I have love for you Blood). The letter "S" may be crossed out because it represents Slobs (an offensive expression for Bloods). Tattoos may include the acronym M.O.B. (Member of Blood / Money Over Bitches), a dog paw mark (represented by three dots), a bulldog, and/or the letter "B" (Blood).

Gang Identifiers: The Crips dominant color is Blue. On the West Coast, however, many of them no longer openly display their gang affiliation. The Grape Street Crips in Watts and New Jersey wear the color purple. Most Crips "represent" to the right by tilting their hats to the right side, wearing blue-colored laces on the right shoe, and rolling up the right pant's leg, etc. The Crips in Minnesota represent to the left. Crips have been known to replace the letter “B” with the letter “C” in writings. Crips’ symbols include the six-pointed star which represents Life, Loyalty, Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. 

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Learn how gangs use color of clothing, hand gestures, tattoos and graffiti.

Parents should know that just because your child wears sport apparel or dress in hip hop styles doesn't mean he or she is in a gang.

However if your child becomes fixated on one color and refuses to wear other colors this may be a warning sign. 


Gang members dress for strategic reasons. Their clothing color, hats and jewelry all play a part in their identity.

Baseball caps and jackets with logos of popular professional sports teams have become a common item worn by gang members. They take pride in their gang and openly display their membership in this manner.

Gangs have taken on different types of dress and identification, such as the Los Angeles Raider's logo because of the team's reputation for toughness. This identity creates a reputation which is used to intimidate other rival gangs.

Other gangs have chosen athletic teams based on their colors or the symbols associated with the team insignia. Gang fashion and fashion itself are very fluent in nature and change often these are just some examples below

          Atlanta Braves: People- initial “A” for Almighty

     Boston Celtics: Spanish Cobras - Colors - Green/Black

     British Knights: Crips - initials “B” & “K” for Blood Killers

     Burger King: Crips - initials “B” & “K” for Blood Killers

     Charlotte Hornets: 4 Corner Hustlers - initials “C” & “H”

     Charlotte Hornets: Imperial Gangsters - Colors - Black/Pink

     Chicago Bulls: Vice Lords, Latin Counts, Mickey Cobras -     colors - Black/Red

     Chicago Bulls: Black Peace Stone Nation - “Bulls” stands for “Boy You Look Like Stone”

     Chicago Black Hawks: Vice Lords - Colors - Black/Red

     Chicago Cubs: Spanish Cobras - initial “C”

     Cincinnati Reds: 4 Corner Hustlers - put a “4″ next to the “C” and an “H” inside of the “C”

     Colorado Rockies: Simon City Royals - sometimes place a white “S” in front of the “C”

     Columbia Knights: Bloods - initials “C” & “K” for Crip Killer

     Converse All Star shoe: People - five point star in the logo of label

     Dallas Cowboys: People - five point star

     Denver Broncos: Black Disciples switch “DB” for initials “BD”

     Detroit Lions: Gangster Disciples - Colors - Black/Blue

     Detroit Tigers: Folks - initial “D” for Disciples

     Detroit Tigers: Gangster Disciples - Colors: Black/Blue

     Duke: Folks - Colors - Black/Blue; “Duke” = “Disciples Utilizing Knowledge Everyday”

     Georgetown: Folks - initial “G” for Gangster

     Georgetown Hoyas: Gangster Disciples - Colors: Black/Blue; “Hoyas” stands for “Hoover’s On Your Ass” (Larry Hoover)

     Georgia Tech: Folks - initial “G” for Gangster

     Indiana University: Imperial Gangsters - initials “I” & “U” overlapping appear to make the shape of a pitchfork showing “Folks” affiliation

     Kansas City Royals: Folks - Colors: Black/Blue

     Kansas City Royals: Simon City Royals - “Royals”

     LA Dodgers: Gangster Disciples - initial “D” for Disciples

     LA Kings: Latin Kings - “Kings”

     LA Kings: People - “Kings” stands for “Kill Inglewood Nasty Gangsters”

     Los Angeles Raiders: Folks - “Raiders” stands for “Ruthless Ass Insane Disciples Running Shit”

     Los Angeles Raiders: People - “Raiders” stands for “Raggedy Ass Iced Donuts Everywhere Running Scared”: used to “Disrespect” Folks

     Louis Vitton Cap: Vice Lords Initials “LV” reversed

     Miami Hurricanes: People - Color -Orange

     Michigan: Initial “M” for Maniac Latin Disciples

     Minnesota Twins: Initial “M” for Maniac Latin Disciples

     NY Yankees: Gangster Disciples Colors - Black/Blue/White

     North Carolina Tar Heels: Folks - Colors - Black/Blue

     Nike: Folks - Colors - Black/Blue

     Oakland A’s: Ambrose - initial “A” for Ambrose

     Oakland A’s: Orchestra Albany Initials “O” & “A”

     Oakland A’s: Spanish Cobras - Color - Green

     Orlando Magic: Folks - “Magic” stands for “Maniacs and Gangsters in Chicago”; Colors - Black/Blue represents numerous “Folks” gangs

     Philadelphia Phillies: People - initial “P” for “People”

     Phoenix Suns: Black Peace Stone Nation - initials “P” & “S”

     Pittsburgh Pirates: Colors - Black/Gold for Latin Kings; Bloods - Initial “P”; for Pirus (Bloods)

     San Francisco Giants: Folks - switch initials for “Super Gangster Folk”

     San Francisco Giants: Future Stones Initials “S” & “F” spelled backwards San Francisco (Any) Stone Freaks Initials “S” & “F”

     St. Louis Cardinals: Spanish Vice Lords - red-colored hat

     Starter Symbol: Folks - crack the five point star to disrespect the “People”

     Starter Symbol: People - five point star

     Texas Rangers: People - initial “T” looks like pitchfork pointing down

     University of Illinois: Folks - initials “U” & “I” together appear to be a pitchfork pointing up

University of Nevada at Las Vegas: (UNLV ) -Vice Lords Colors: Red/Black; “UNLV” backwards stands for “Vice Lords Nation United”

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